Eskaepe Aramesh won the silver medal in the London Dry Gin category at the Lyon 2023 International Competition.

Eskaepe was born from the clear vision of its Belgian founders to create a unique sensory experience for gin lovers around the world seeking something powerful, uplifting, all encompassing, that begins with the first breath inhaled and carries through long after the last sip has been swallowed.


Our team of researchers and noses have defined a range of 3 powerful nectars of botanicals, harmoniously balancing florals, tangy citrus, peppers and spices. 


We have partnered with the best farmland distiller we could find to distil our gin traditionally just like our English ancestors before us. We are dedicated to providing the utmost best quality product and to living up to the highest market standards in handcrafted spirits.


Our design and marketing team have created a unique and distinctive bottle, a collector serving glass, a set of recipes, and branded supporting materials for resellers and restaurants, to transport the gin lover beyond any gin experience he or she has ever known.



We introduce you to our complete line of premium gins. Each one is a personality unto itself.  We hope you will be as excited to discover them as we have been to create them. Eskaepe from the ordinary.